Alternate Dimensions and Parallel Deities

so, unlike the other.. what am i calling these.. articles, i guess.. anyway, this is gonna be VERY image heavy, mainly because i am not capable of editing clips so i'm making you look at individual captioned screenshots, straight from the pokemon website.

anyway, i've noticed some interesting parallels between the animeverse versions of arceus and necrozma. in this article, i will be discussing those parallels. first i will lay out the story of arceus, important things to note, and then do the same for necrozma.

firstly, arceus. i've cut out a bit of the stuff relating to damos since he isn't important here and this is already a lot of images as is.

going by this story, arceus isn't the creator of the universe or anything. at the very least, it is the savior of this area. it sacrificed itself to stop a meteor and gave some of the little power it had left to bring life to a barren landscape.

next, here's necrozma. specifically, this is the story told by naganadel in episode 89.

this story starts off similarly to how arceus's did, with necrozma stopping a meteor but losing it's power in the process. the thing is, the outcome here is the complete opposite, with necrozma losing it's power leading to a land formerly filled with life into a wasteland.

another really thing to note that i find really interesting, but unfortunately unconfirmable, is that i swear in the games or anime there was a legend stating alola, like michina, was a wasteland before necrozma. that said, i can't find anything about this in the necrozma episodes or on bulbapedia, so i suppose it doesn't really mean much until i can find the source. one confirmable thing however, albeit relating to the games, is that you could argue there's also a parallel between the ancestors of the ultra recon squad trying to take necrozma's light, which in the games is what led it to be in the state it was, and marcus trying to kill arceus due to believing that returning the jewel of life will bring michina back to it's former desolate state.